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Suzie came to life during my college days when I (Charlotte) trained as a Nursery Nurse doing my NNEB.

After giving up my job last year as a Teaching Assistant, I thought I would get back into writing and share Suzie with other children and parents and carers.

Some of her adventures are based on my own experiences and hurdles that we have overcome with my own children. The idea is that the stories can be of a learning and discussion aid to help other children cope with new situations found in most families.

Also they are simply fun; parents and carers can relate to them too.


Some Suzie Books are now available on Amazon for download to your Kindle.

I do hope that you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them and Suzie becomes part of your family too!




After a long roller coaster ride of seeing various people within the medical profession, we finally got a diagnosis for William two and a half years ago when he was in year 5. We always thought that he could be on the Autistic spectrum and he was diagnosed with ASD ( Aspergers Syndrome ). I put pen to paper and came up with this simple poem which describes him and his unique ways down to a tee. I hope you enjoy reading it and I'm sure others in the same position can relate to it. It's good to know that you are not alone............



My Aspergers Boy

Can you even begin to see, how life is different, just for me.

I can get a little scared, just like you, but that is only one of a few.

Sudden or loud noises, I often dread, or the wind howling around my head.

I cover my ears to block it out, feeling angered, I can often shout.

Too many people make me feel penned in, just like sardines squashed into a tin.

I'll clap my hands in an excitable way, knowing that I am happy with something today.

Loving kisses and cuddles from those close to me, but from anyone else, I won't, I am sorry.

Lots of steps to take and achieve over periods of time, we eventually make it to the end of the line.

Hair washes and haircuts were a definite NO screaming and tantrums when we had to go.

Another hurdle that we have overcome, life long things I now see as fun.

Fireworks that come usually once a year still make me frightened and tremble with fear.

Way up high into the sky they go, feeling anxious, I can only but watch from a window.

"It wasn't my fault" I regularly say, it was there and was in the way.

If you could reach inside my mind, there are so many differences that you will find.

You see, the information that I am taught, can stay a while, deep in thought.

My social skills have greatly improved; I am now able to hold a conversation with you.

With my friends, I will join in and hide, where as before, I would only play alongside.

In the classroom, I sit with my friend, who is similar to me; he has Aspergers too, so there is pattern you see.

Making up stories, I love to do at school, and they have super heros, who are very cool.

Different interests I had, would become obsessive to me, there was bowling, playing cards, go gos and also monopoly.

Collecting different versions of the things I adored, and never once got tired or even bored.

Lego is another one in a long line, building just what I liked all of the time.

All of the things I build you will be able to see, that they turn out and look just like they should be.

Change is a thing that can confuse me; I need to know exactly how everything should be.

Whether I am told or given a visual display, it helps me to be clear in my mind, day to day.

I need to know that everything is "just so", and to point me in the direction I need to go.

So there you are and you may now see how life is different just for me...


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